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Ruditoonz Live 2018

Please go to facebook.com/ruditoonz for updated information

on weather delays or cancellations.

 Announcing very limited shows in 2018 FYI :)

Wed, Jun 20 Carmel Gazebo 6:00-6:45...free show!

Wed, Aug 29 Carmel Gazebo 6:00-6:45...free show!

October residency at Children's Museum will continue for Halloween.

Stay tuned for details.

That may be about it locally for 2018, folks. Life change, daughter is 8 now, wanting to hunker down at home and spend more time with my girls. It's all good. Great, actually! Ruditoonz isn't going away - but I'm going to be a lot more picky with my shows. I am so grateful - I'm played over 1,000 Ruditoonz shows for I don't even know how many smiling faces - 50,000 maybe? more? - so grateful. But I'll see you out there! But 75 shows a year in addition to everything else I do, it was getting to be a bit much. And this could always change! Ha! Much love - rudi