Logo by Penelope Dullaghan.

Photo by JJ Kaplan

Rock and roll for EVERYONE!

Indiana musician Scott Rudicel ("Rudi" to his friends and fans) has been playing guitar for about thirty-five years now, and singing since his parents can remember.  He's been writing his own songs and entertaining people of all ages for almost as long.

Growing up with Dr. Seuss characters all over his walls and Sesame Street always on his television (as well as Cowboy Bob, a local PBS favorite!), these influences are evident in his lyrics and story-telling. 

His motto is simply, "Be Nice and Have Fun!"

Combining unique and imaginative songs and storytelling with highly active audience participation, and employing a revolving cast of some of his best friends, who just happen to be some of Indiana's finest musicians (in roles some of them might never have imagined!) Rudi ensures everyone has a good time listening, singing, and participating at his concerts.

From Rudi: "I write these songs hoping different ages get different things out of them. For the kids they are silly. For the older kids (adults) I sprinkle famous song lyrics and pop culture references in them to make it interesting for them too. I've always said I want to write music that parents won't want to toss out of their minivan! Like 'The Simpsons' but instead of a cartoon, it's music! According to Maria Montessori, the founder of the Montessori philosophy of teaching, the human mind is most absorbent at the ages of 3-6. I hope to turn young minds on to good music with these songs so that they develop a lifetime love of good music."

Ruditoonz music is suited for all ages from 0 to 101.

In other words, everyone!